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55 Alive - Close Call Results

55 Alive Close Call Quiz - Results

If you answered Yes to any of the questions, you have perhaps had a close call for an accident.

It is important to replay and analyze these near misses because we can learn from them.

Ask yourself:

  • Could I have prevented the situation?
  • Should I have reacted differently?
  • Did I fail to see something?
  • Why was the other driver honking at me?


This quiz is provided as a service of the AARP Driver Safety Program. Your results are neither recorded nor transmitted to any other entity or organization.

Copyright 1995-2003, AARP. All rights reserved.

  • Defensive Driving Course (DDC-6)®

    Canada Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course (DDC-6)®
    The definition of Defensive Driving is: "Driving to prevent all types of traffic collisions despite the action of others around you."

    Three part collision prevention formula:

    1. Recognize the Hazard
    2. Understand the Defense
    3. Act in Time

    The loss of workers due to traffic incidences seriously impedes the operation of any business. DDC-6 is designed to teach you, your employees and families how to avoid collisions. Defensive Driving Course® - Canada Safety Council (DDC-6)


  • P.D.I.C.®

    The Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)® helps professional drivers improve their defensive driving techniques.

    Through the use of visual aids and qualified instructors PDIC will show your drivers how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Classroom participation involves case studies and active discussion of real life situations, as well as identifying traffic hazards. Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)®


  • 55 Alive Mature Driving® Course:

    Renew Your Driving Skills for Today’s Traffic

    “I’ve been driving for a long time. Why should I take a driving course now?”

    To update your driving skills. Even if you haven’t been involved in a collision in 40 years, it may be time to review your driving skills. With aging, changes occur in hearing, vision, flexibility and reaction time. You can learn to adjust your skills to compensate for those changes. 55 Alive Mature Driving® Course - Canada Safety Council


  • Log Book Seminar:

    Do your drivers fail to fill out the "Driver's Daily Log" properly? Failure to fill the out the Logs properly may result in fines for your company and your driver.
    Purpose Of Daily Vehicle Inspection
    The purpose of daily vehicle inspection is to ensure the early identification of vehicle problems and defects before the vehicle is operated on the highway. Inspections prevent the operation of a vehicle with conditions that are likely to cause or contribute to the severity of an accident.

    To help prevent any sanctions against your company's operator carrier profile take advantage of the "Say Dez!" Driver's Daily Log Seminar today. Driver's Daily Log


Dez Says

"Doing something wrong for a long period of time gives it the appearance of being right? How is your driving?"

Current News

  • Why "Say Dez!" ?

    This is the “Say Dez!”® story...

    While I was still working for “Sears Driver Training” I had the opportunity to teach James Tennant, an adult who never wished to drive until parenthood forced it upon himself.

    At the time I met him he was, and  still is, the program director of CFMU 93.3 FM radio station at McMaster University in Hamilton.


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