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Log Book Seminar

Do your drivers fail to fill out the "Driver's Daily Log" properly?

Failure to fill the out the Logs properly may result in fines for your company and your driver.

Purpose Of Daily Vehicle Inspection

The purpose of daily vehicle inspection is to ensure the early identification of vehicle problems and defects before the vehicle is operated on the highway. Inspections prevent the operation of a vehicle with conditions that are likely to cause or contribute to the severity of an accident.

Enforcement and Penalties 

Drivers and operators in violation of the hours-of-service regulations may be charged.

Violations of these regulations by a driver or the operator that result in convictions are included in the operator's carrier profile. An accumulation of these convictions, solely or in combination with convictions for any other type of offence under the Highway Traffic Act, may result in the operator being identified for further monitoring and enforcement options.

Out-of-Service Declarations

Drivers on the road who cannot produce the requested records are subject to being placed out of service. Drivers driving beyond the hours-of-service limitations are subject to prohibition of driving by an officer, until such time that they have enough hours available to proceed.

Drivers may be placed out of service for 10 consecutive hours for violation of the daily driving and on-duty rules.

If a driver fails to comply with the off-duty time requirements, they may be placed out of service for the number of hours needed to correct the failure.

Drivers may be placed out of service for seventy two (72) consecutive hours for any of the following violations: 

Driver is unable or refuses to produce his/her daily log. 

There is evidence that the driver completed more than one daily log for the day, entered inaccurate information or falsified the daily log. 

Driver mutilates or defaces a daily log or supporting documents in such a way that it cannot be determined whether the driver has followed the driving time and off-duty requirements.

To prevent any sanctions against your company's operator carrier profile do take advantage of the "Say Dez!" Driver's Daily Log Seminar

How to Fill-In a Daily Log Book 

Drivers of commercial vehicles must update their log books daily, and make sure to have the log book with them at all times while on-duty. 

Most sections must be filled in before you leave on your trip. Your kilometres driven will be filled in at the end of your shift. 

As a commercial vehicle driver, you must remember that your log book is a legal piece of document showing your daily work. Failing to complete a log book is an offence and will result in fines and license suspensions. 

The first section in the daily Log Book requires information about your shift, your office, and your vehicle. 

The second section is where you record your hours of service. 

The last section (remarks) is where your enter down any shipping information and where you sign your name. 

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Steps to filling out a Daily Log Book 

   1.) Enter the Month, Day and Year in the appropriate place.

   2.) Enter your Carrier name and the Main/Principal Office address on the appropriate           line(s). 

   3.) Enter the Truck License Plate number and the entire Unit number (optional) on the appropriate line. If you have a trailer, mark in the plate and the unit number for the trailer as well. 

  4.) Enter in the Starting Odometer before you begin driving. 

  5.) Print your name and sign your name in the appropriate places.

  6.) The Time Grid is where you demonstrate the total number of hours you have spent Off-Duty, in a Sleeper Berth, Driving, and On-Duty (not driving). In this section, you will draw a line on the grid to show the number of hours you have spent doing each. 

  7.) In the Duty Status grid enter your Shift Start Time and the location where you start from.

  8.) Along your trip enter all the stops and locations into the Duty Status grid.  For example, you may mark here that you have taken a lunch break. 

  9.) Enter down the Ending Odometer when your drive is finished

10.) When you finish driving, calculate the Total Kms Driven and enter it in the appropriate place!

 11.) Enter Total Hours for Off-Duty, Sleeper Berth, Driving, and On-Duty(not driving) in the column beside the Time Grid. 

 12.) On reverse side fill in other comments about your shift. For example, you will mark here that you have done your pre-trip inspection.

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MTO Booking Information

Road Test Booking Rules

All road tests must be paid in full at the time of booking.

You will lose your prepaid road test fee if:

  • You fail to cancel at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment.
  • You fail to attend your road test.

 You will lose 50% of your prepaid road test fee if:

  • You cannot proceed with your road test, or your vehicle does not meet the Ministry of Transportation standards for a road test.

Some exceptions may apply. For more information, please visit DriveTest's website at

Road Test Booking

To make an online road test booking, it will be necessary to leave the DriveTest site and enter the Ontario Ministry of Transportation site by clicking below. Please be patient.

It is suggested that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to initiate all processing (i.e. road test fee payment) before the scheduled time of the road test in order to avoid receiving a $25.00 'fail to keep appointment fee' as a result of being late.

Road test appointments must be canceled at least 48 hours before the scheduled date and time of the test; otherwise, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of $25.00 and will be responsible to pay the required fee before being able to book another road test.

Please note for all novice class license holders:

Novice class applicants are no longer eligible to book a road test after the date of license expiry and are required to re-commence the graduated licensing process. Please be aware that tests booked in contravention of this policy will not be facilitated and unused appointment fees may be invoked.

Applicants may continue to book a road test prior to the date of their license expiry for utilization after expiry, however, if this test is canceled after the license expiry date, no further bookings may be made and the applicant is obliged to re-commence the graduated system.

"DriveTest" does not accept responsibility for errors made by applicants when using the automated booking systems.

Graduated Licensing System

The Ontario Graduated Licensing System has been a resounding success in reducing death and injury among novice drivers. Ontario research shows that new teenage drivers are almost three times more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious collision when they are carrying teenage passengers. In fact, research shows the more teenage passengers, the higher the risk.

To further protect youth on our roads:

  • The number of young passengers that teen G2 drivers can carry is limited from midnight to 5 a.m.
  • Initially, G2 drivers 19 or under can carry only one passenger aged 19 or under.
  • After the first six months, and until the G2 driver earns a full G license or turns 20, they can carry only three passengers aged 19 or under.

These restrictions do not apply if the G2 driver is accompanied by a full G licensed driver (with at least four years driving experience) in the front seat, or if the passengers are immediate family members.

55 Alive Test

This quiz is provided as a service of the AARP Driver Safety Program. Your results are neither recorded nor transmitted to any other entity or organization.

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Links & Resources

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55 Alive - Close Call Results

55 Alive Close Call Quiz - Results

If you answered Yes to any of the questions, you have perhaps had a close call for an accident.

It is important to replay and analyze these near misses because we can learn from them.

Ask yourself:

  • Could I have prevented the situation?
  • Should I have reacted differently?
  • Did I fail to see something?
  • Why was the other driver honking at me?


This quiz is provided as a service of the AARP Driver Safety Program. Your results are neither recorded nor transmitted to any other entity or organization.

Copyright 1995-2003, AARP. All rights reserved.

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