Defensive Driving Course (DDC-6)®
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Defensive Driving Course® - Canada Safety Council (DDC-6)

The DDC-6® program is also recommended for those who must attend court-ordered driver re-education. a.k.a. "Traffic School".

The definition of Defensive Driving is: "Driving to prevent all types of traffic collisions despite the action of others around you."

The three-part collision prevention formula:

  1. Recognize the Hazard
  2. Understand the Defense
  3. Act in Time

The loss of workers due to traffic incidences seriously impedes the operation of any business. DDC-6 is designed to teach you, your employees and families how to avoid collisions.

The Defensive Driving Course is an established, proven program.

That means:

  • fewer company vehicle collisions,
  • less absenteeism due to injuries and court-time,
  • life-long safe driving habits.

 DDC-6 is designed for the adult learner...

  • Complete concepts are presented so they are easily understood.
  • Materials are fully integrated, so participants who cannot read well will learn visually and through group discussions.

Course outline

Six sessions taught in six (6) hours;

  1. Defensive Driving principles and foundations,
  2. Avoiding collisions with the driver ahead and the driver behind,
  3. Avoiding collisions while passing / while being passed / with the oncoming vehicle,
  4. Avoiding collisions at intersections,
  5. Avoiding single-vehicle collisions,
  6. Sharing the road with other road users.
  • Case studies and written exercises,
  • Interactive class discussions,
  • Specific techniques to avoid all types of traffic collisions despite the action of others around you.

Drivers learn...

  • The principles of defensive driving,
  • Collision avoidance techniques,
  • The six adverse driving conditions,
  • The time-interval formula,
  • The habitual eye-lead time technique,
  • The pre-trip mental inventory.

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