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Renew your driving skills for today’s traffic.

Do you ask, “I have been driving for a long time. Why should I take a driving course now?”

Take the Close Call Quiz or the “55 Alive” test and see your results. Perhaps after seeing the results, you might realize that you will benefit from taking the 55 Alive Mature Driving® Course.

If you are an older driver, you should update your driving skills. Probably you have not been in a collision for many years, but it may be time to review your driving skills. As we all age, changes occur in our hearing, vision, flexibility and reaction time. You can learn to adjust your skills to compensate for those changes.

If your company needs upgrading of its drivers, use this course to upgrade their skills.

If you are an errant driver who has been court ordered to take a driving course, this is it! You will be provided with a certificate and a letter that you have completed the course.

The 55 Alive Mature Driving® Course is designed to help Canadians 55 years of age and over to maintain their independence and their driving privileges. The 55 Alive Mature Driving® Course is designed to help you…

  • Gain more confidence behind the wheel
  • Improve your awareness of traffic hazards
  • Update yourself on traffic laws and new technology
  • Anticipate the action of other drivers
  • Identify and correct bad driving habits
  • Voice your concerns in a friendly, relaxed environment

Just for fun, take the 55 Alive – Close Call Quiz or the 55 Alive Test to see typical problems with senior drivers.

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Dez Says

“Doing something wrong for a long period of time gives it the appearance of being right? How is your driving?”