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“Experiential” instruction is defined in this manner:

“One of five (5) things that make adult learning different from pedagogy is that adults learn better when they experience what they are learning. Experiential learning refers to the types of education that allows adults to be active, to do whatever they are learning.

They also want to apply their new learnings to life wisdom they have already have from their accumulation of experiences.

Experiential means education that involves or relates to experience.”

This is by Deb Peterson, a language professor.

However the “Experiential” is difficult to evaluate. Why? You as the student is just learning to drive therefore your driving experiences may not be sufficient to provide a feedback.

But here is a wonderful quote from John Wesley (1703 – 1791), an Englishman and Evangelist, founder of Methodism. The quote is “If you cannot experience it, it is probably not true.”

The danger of asking you the student to turn in homework projects may border on collecting fiction. To prevent this from happening, there are several opportunities where you may learn by experience. This is the challenge for “Experiential” learning.

There is a serious question you need to ask yourself. “Why do you wish to learn to drive?” The answer may surprise you in its simplicity. Driving is a selfish activity. You are doing it for yourself. It will bolster your independence, give you freedom from relying on others. When you learn to drive, learn it well. Ask yourself this philosophical question: “Who are my three best friends?” Again the answer is straightforward. Your three best friends are: “Me, myself and I” in first person singular. Like yourself, and make an honest effort in learning to drive, otherwise you are wasting your time and may endanger yourself and others.

Enjoy and learn. The Beginners Driver Education (B.D.E.) E-Curriculum by “Say Dez!”® consists of twenty (20) hours of “E” (on-line) learning classroom training in ten (10) modules of two (2) hours each plus a final test of your knowledge.

The “Say Dez!”® (BDE) E-Curriculum topics:

  • Expectations
  • PowerPoint presentations for each lesson
  • Videos embedded into the PowerPoint presentations

Course Outline for the BDE E-Curriculum with ten (10) lessons cover the following topics:

  • Rules & Regulations
    • Graduated Licensing
    • MTO’s Goals
    • Demerit Point
    • Right Of Way
    • Traffic Control Devices
    • Stop Signs protocol
    • Flashing Lights
    • Insurance
  • Physical Health
    • Attitude
    • Distractions
    • Health
    • Division of Attention
    • Vaping
  • Alcohol & Drugs
    • Drugs
    • Pot and Driving Campaign
    • Alcohol
    • Science experiment
    • Addiction
  • Basics & Vehicle Knowledge
    • Understanding your car
    • Auto transmission and the parking pawl
    • S.I.P.D.E.
  • Urban Roads & Parking
    • Turns
    • Parking – Parallel
    • Parking – Angle
    • Oddities
    • Bicycles
  • Rural Roads & Expressways
    • Country Roads
    • Slow Moving Vehicles (SMV)
    • Volunteer Fire Fighters (VFF)
    • Expressway e.)Traffic jams
    • Trucks
    • Toll Roads
  • Laws of Physics
    • Hazard Perception
    • Role of Technology in driving
    • Line of Resistance
  • Adversities & Emergencies
    • Adverse Conditions
    • Animals
    • Trains
    • Emergencies
  • Things that you ought to know
    • Auto$mart
    • Alternate Fuels
    • HOV / HOT Lanes
    • Traffic Light, History & Purpose
    • Automobile Lights
    • Tires
    • Uknown Signs
    • Chronology of crossings
    • Intersection observation
    • Math Forum
  • Vehicle Components
    • Owning & Operating a vehicle
    • Recycling of Vehicle Parts
    • Auto Culture
    • Variations of Passenger Cars
    • How Various Vehicle Parts and their Function
    • Multiple Organ & Tissue Donation
  • Final test of Knowledge
    • Questions

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Thank you,
Dez Miklós

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Dez Says

“Doing something wrong for a long period of time gives it the appearance of being right? How is your driving?”