RE.: ‘Tory Cash Deal Best For City’ (January 15, 2007)
The Hamilton Spectator, Letters to the editor 

Mayor Fred Eisenberg is correct in wanting to give up the $75 million lawsuit against the federal government. The time spent on this matter is costly. It is better not to throw any more money at the problem.

I wonder if both the feds and the province would concede the lawsuit is dead, then grant Hamilton permission to put tolls on the new expressway. Keep the tolls until the $ 75 million is collected. But do not make the tolls so high that people would shun the new expressway. A looney per car, a toonie per truck as an example. This is less than a cup of coffee. Think about it.

Dez Miklòs, Hamilton, host of “Say Dez” on CFMU radio show about safe driving and associated themes.