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As we read more and more news about the LRT, a lot of uncertainties are coming to the attention of the general public.

For the lure of the money offered by the Province of Ontario, some of our councillors are rushing madly into the truncated version of the originally promised LRT route.

Thus, it begs to ask the question: What is the end result going to look like? Therefore, I am challenging the city council to put its money where its mouth is!

Paint up lanes of the now proposed LRT route; place the proposed station along the way for passenger pickup.

Then, of course, the downtown fiasco needs to be addressed by blocking off the streets where only the LRT was supposed to go.

In all, let us have a pseudo-LRT route using the extended buses subbing for the LRT trains.

Yes, rerouting traffic will cost a lot of money, but imagine what may be gleaned from this exercise!

If it works, wonderful. If it does not, then do not even consider the construction of the LRT.

By Dez Miklós