The Toronto Star – Letter of the day

RE.: The straight goods from the square, Jan. 10.

This article indicated that there is a competition to determine the future of City Hall’s open space. Fine and dandy.

Once again, others will be telling the populace of Toronto what is good for them.

Thus, with tongue in cheek, I challenge The Star to run its own competition, for its readers, about the aforementioned open space at City Hall.

I trust that there are a sufficient number of intelligent people out there who are capable of proposing a reasonably good idea of what the new look should be for the City Hall Square.

Now, to the nitty-gritty of the proposal.

The Star should print a full sized overhead map of the square, plus one each of east-, west-, north- and south-view photos of the square, depicting the would-be available spaces.

Permanent fixtures, such as stairways, should be marked with bold shading, while the future available space should be half-toned. Cover the overhead with a grid for ease of reference.

Then pose a challenge to your readers by asking them to come up with a practical design for the square.

I am sure everyone will have a great time playing at architect.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton