Hamilton Spectator

Letter to the Editor

RE.: Caught red handed to the tune of $5 million; Cameras bringing in cash; more coming (May 22)

Is Councillor Lloyd Ferguson kidding about public perception over fines for red-light runners?

There is a wonderful Hungarian phrase: “Money does not know its mother or father.” Using this analogy, our city should not have any qualms about collecting monies from red light runners.

Put it mildly, if you play the game, then sometimes you win. Run the red lights and you will win a huge ticket. Concerned about the cost? Well then, do not run the lights! It is simple and effective.

Perhaps Ferguson should recommend driver training to all those who run red lights. If there are crash victims, the fine should be followed up with a trip to the hospital by the perpetrator of the incident to view the crash victims. Or maybe the morgue?

Get real! Without fines as form of punishment, how is the city to convey the message home about dangerous and illegal driving?

Dez Miklós, Hamilton