Hamilton Spectator

How about we license all pets?

RE Dog licensing and cat inequity (Feb. 5)

Letter writer D. McRae of Ancaster has an interesting point about going door-to-door to find cats. Good idea but let us take it a step further.

Instead of having dog and cat licensing only, why not have all-pet licensing? Look at the potential income for the city. There are hundreds of other types of pets kept all over the city. They could be classified under headings such as domestic, exotic and insects, with a subsection of dangerous and/or lethal.

This census could be a benefit in the case of emergencies. The responding team would have access to the city’s database and would know what to be careful of and what to look for, in the case of fire and /or a medical emergency. Then, of course, the other side of the coin is that if a pet is missing. there are no surprises when searching for the missing pet. Something to think about.

Dez Miklós