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Oops! This driver used both feet to control the pedals of his automatic.

As a driver trainer, I always feel uneasy when I teach senior males.

Some of them have an awfully bad habit of driving an automatic transmission with two feet: the left foot on the brake and the right on the gas pedal.

In a panic situation while applying the brake with the left foot, the right foot is braced on the gas pedal. We all know that this kind of “pedal misapplication” will cause the gas pedal to win all the time. To the driver, it will seem as if the vehicle does not want to stop, and in fact, it will feel as if it is accelerating in an unwanted manner.

By the way, I find the same problem with some immigrants who have had previous driving experience only in standard shift cars, who do not know what to do with their left foot in an automatic transmission vehicle.

Rest assured that I am talking with authority on this matter. Please see my photo of my former driving school, where a senior who was a two-foot driver drove through the windows by “pedal misapplication.”

Dez Miklós, Hamilton