Hamilton Spectator – Letters to the Editor

RE: ‘Bridges may aid races’ (July 28).

I am glad to see an apparent consensus regarding temporary bridges during the world cycling championships in October. But let’s not even contemplate Bailey bridges for cars. That’s a crock. Others have suggested bridges for the cyclists. More foolishness.

The money to make these pipe dreams a reality could be spent better on parking spaces and shuttle buses.

All schools will be closed during the races. Thus, there will be ample parking available at the various schools.

I suggest that the city provide free shuttle buses to and from the race-enclosed areas. The buses could ferry people to pedestrian bridges crossing the race course.

Once on the other side, residents could board another shuttle bus taking them to designated parking spots. These lots would require a permit issued at an earlier date, and should be patrolled 24/7 by security guards.

This plan would also provide jobs for people who could use work even on a temporary basis, instead of wasting money on bridges for cars.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton.