Links & Resources


Ministry of Transportation Ontario – Driver Licensing
Drive Test – Licensing & Examinations
Insurance Bureau of Canada
Canada Safety Council
I Promise Program
Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving
Mothers Against Drunk Driving – Canada
O.M.Q. Law – All You Need To Know About Drunk Driving Charges


Lifeline Training Centres
Mountain Driving School
Ontario Truck Driving School – This is where I taught B, Bz, C, Cz, D, Dz, E, F and “A-R” class of driving until I retired as Covid-19 closed the school till fall of 2020.


Game On Entertainment Services – Top notch video gaming consultants and tournament organizers. This is owned and operated by my son Erin Miklós.
Ryan Ward – Registered Massage Therapist – My stepson Ryan Ward will look after your needs.
David Gruggen Photography – My pal
Kay Penny Florist – Wonderful family owns and operates this florist shop. Tell them I sent you.
Noah’s Ark Children’s Centre – this is a wonderful Christian daycare center here in Hamilton. It is their fault (just kidding) that I got involved with Ontario Truck Driving School. I love this place.

Dez Says

“Be careful of the driver that is ahead of the driver who is behind you!”