Action needed to protect parkway users

Hamilton Spectator

Parkway drivers are the biggest threat of all (Editorial, May 14)

 A very astute observation that the drivers themselves are their own worst enemies when driving on the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

Ever since the Linc and the Red Hill Valley Parkway were joined to connect Hwy. 403 with the QEW, the whole length of the roadway has become a race course.

There are several probable solutions to protect the users of both parkways.

First of all, have the province of Ontario look after both of them and declare it as a provincial 400 series highway. Why? Many transport trucks use this combination to avoid the trip around the bay, thus putting undue pressure on these roads and the finances of the City of Hamilton. Maybe finish the third lane that the government of then-premier Bob Rae chose not to install. OPP should enforce the speed limits non-stop day and night.

Failing that, ban all the semis from the roads since the road is a municipal road, not a provincial one. This way maybe the cars will regain control and enjoy a safer drive.

Reduce the speed limit to 80 km/h. Emphasize the new speed limit by placing photo radar cameras at all bridges thus enforcing the posted speed limit. Sooner or later the fact that speeding is a killer will get through to the drivers.

Paint chevrons on the road to acquaint drivers with the two-second following distance as recommended for safe driving.

Perhaps my imagination has run away, but some of the suggested recommendations are worth a look.

 Dez Miklós, Hamilton