The Hamilton Spectator – Letters to the Editor

RE: ‘Red Hill: One more try’ (Aug. 25).

Enough is enough. Both the pro and con sides of this debate are squabbling like kids in a sandbox.

Stop dragging this debate into the next century. The money spent on promulgating these arguments could be put towards the completion of the expressway.

At one point, a civil engineer suggested moving the proposed access to the escarpment farther east. This would leave the Red Hill Creek Valley untouched. I’m sure this would please the group trying to save the valley.

Without a doubt, all agree that the connecting road to the QEW is sorely needed, but not at the expense of increased traffic through the Highway 20 corridor, nor at the expense of endangering lives along the same corridor. The volume of traffic is already very heavy and dangerous.

The removal of this high volume of traffic from Highway 20 would entice further commercial development. To patronize existing businesses, one takes his/her life in one’s hands while crossing the traffic lanes.

Please get your acts together by coming to a peaceful compromise and build this suggested extension to the East.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton