RE: $61M plan to widen “Linc”, Red Hill won’t ease gridlock (Sept. 29)

Hamilton Spectator

What if the City of Hamilton banned big rigs off the Linc and the Red Hill? Of course, such a thing will not happen.

Right now many trucks use the two parkways to cut out the route around the bay while they are coming or going from the U.S. The gridlock falls into the hands of Hamilton. However, it would be nice if Hamilton could download the parkways back to the hands of MTO and make the two into a provincial highway. Let the province look after the upkeep and maintenance, releasing Hamilton from a huge financial burden.

Lastly, what if big rigs were charged a fee for using the two roads? The use could be monitored by cameras. The fine points of keeping track of the through traffic can be worked out very easily. Make the fee high enough to discourage through traffic on them. If trucks begin or end their runs in the city, then the exits and entrances could be monitored so fees would not apply to these trucks.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton