Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)®

by Canada Safety Council

The PDIC® program is recommended to those who need it for corporate driving improvement. It may also be used as a court-ordered driver re-education. a.k.a. “Traffic School”

It is an indisputable fact that almost every crash involving a motor vehicle is preventable! If drivers had identified the hazards and had taken preventive actions then thousands of collisions would not take place daily.

The course consists of six (6) one-hour sessions in a classroom setting. The Driver’s Notebook contains case studies, driving tips and other useful information, in addition to the course. The course content covers defensive driving techniques, passing, collision prevention, driving conditions, turns, reversing, driver awareness and impairments plus vehicle inspections. PDIC helps professional drivers improve their defensive driving techniques.

This course, through the use of visual aids and qualified instructors, will show your drivers how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Classroom participation involves case studies and active discussion of real-life situations, as well as identifying traffic hazards.

As an employer, you already have a large investment in your drivers, and this course will help them to:

  • reduce collisions,
  • reduce vehicle abuse,
  • reduce injuries,
  • reduce operating costs.

PDIC will teach your drivers defensive driving techniques that will help them:

  • prevent collisions,
  • save lives,
  • deliver cargo safely and on time,
  • reduce costs,
  • maintain good driving habits.


Reduces Operating Costs

  • Reduces Collisions,
  • Reduces Sick Leave, Insurance and Other Benefit Payments Related to Traffic Collisions,
  • Reduces vehicle abuse and maintenance costs,
  • Increases customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and undamaged product,
  • Increases morale.


  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Collision prevention
  • Turns
  • Road markings
  • Passing
  • Driver awareness & impairment
  • Reversing

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