RE.: We’re burying a lot of bottled water (August 12, 2002)

Hamilton Spectator, Letters to the Editor

This letter writer is right on the button about wasting water. It is a shame that, in our “throwaway” society, we are not thinking about the future.

Perhaps a refund on all containers should be mandatory. The best example of recycling is the beer industry; there are refunds on both cans and bottles. It’s a nuisance but it works. Why can’t the same be done for all containers, not just drink containers?

Collecting, recovering, storing and eventual useful disposal of these containers present a tremendous task. Perhaps, recovery centre could be near schools. Students could collect all the discarded containers in the area and use the proceeds from the refunds. And we’d have the added bonus of a cleaner, litter-free environment.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton