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The M.T.O. approved Beginners Driver Education Curriculum (B.D.E.) Curriculum by “Say Dez!”® consists of the following:

  1. 20 hours of classroom training of eight (8) modules of 2 1/2 hours each,
  2. 10 hours of in-car training,
  3. 10 hours of independent home study which requires the students to access various links on the internet.

The “Home link” has all the other connecting links within it to complete the homework. The home study or “Home link” consists of two (2) observation lessons prior to being in the car, then four (4) independent home research projects while the course is being taught.

Added to this are the Auto$mart videos of Natural Resources Canada. The five (5) videos pose several questions. These questions can be answered only by watching the videos. The questions must be answered and handed in with the rest of the homework. The student must hand all of the homework in before finishing the course.

As for you, the driving school operator, you must place the completed homework into the students’ files. The students on their home computers or library computers via the Internet do the homework, a.k.a. “Home link”. Some students may own wireless Internet devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads and/or similar devices which may be used to access the “Home link”.

The “Say Dez!”® B.D.E. Curriculum classroom details:

    Each of the eight (8) lessons contain topics looks at:
  • Expectations,
  • Information Materials & Resources,
  • PowerPoint presentations for each lesson,
  • Worksheets,
  • Handout suggestions,
  • Videos embedded into the PowerPoint presentations,
  • Demonstrations,
  • Teaching Strategies for the in-class instructor.

Each of the eight (8) lessons contains short multiple choice tests. (These must also be placed in the students’ folders.) There is a single double-sided answer sheet to keep down the paper clutter within the student files.

The lessons are laid out in such a manner that it requires no training if you have experienced teaching in previous classes.

Course Outline for the Beginner Driver Education Curriculum

The eight (8) lessons cover the following topics:

  1. Rules & Regulations
    • Highway Traffic System
    • Administrative Laws
    • Traffic Control Devices
  2. Physical Health
    • Physical Health
    • Distractions
    • Attitude
    • Social Factors and Influence
  3. Alcohol & Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
  4. Basics & Vehicle Knowledge
    • Preliminaries
    • Know Your Car
    • Basics
    • S.I.P.D.E.
  5. Urban Roads & Parking
    • City Driving
    • City Parking
    • Oddities
  6. Rural Roads & Expressways
    • Rural Roads
    • Expressways
  7. Laws of Physics
    • Laws of Physics
    • Stopping Distances
    • Safety Technology
    • New Technologies
  8. Adversities & Emergencies
    • Introduction
    • Light Conditions
    • Weather Conditions
    • Road Conditions
    • Traffic – Sharing the Road
    • Vehicle – Mechanical Emergencies
    • Emergency Vehicles

The package comes in ten (10) three (3) ring binders, one (1) for each of the eight (8) lessons, plus two (2) for the in-class instructor’s use. Included in the package is a flash memory drive with all the PowerPoint presentations for each module.

For other details contact me via my cell phone at 905.379.9339 or e-mail me at info@saydez.com.  Alternate e-mail: at saydezconsulting@gmail.com

Thank you, Dez Miklós

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