“Say Dez!” on the Radio

On September 7th, 2008 the “Say Dez!” show aired its last broadcast after nine years on McMaster University’s radio station CFMU 93.3 FM.

Dez and his “Say Dez!” radio show has won several awards and has been nominated twice for the Ministry of Transportation’s Road Safety Achievement Award.

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The “Say Dez!” show was a program dedicated to safe driving practices and the driving industry. During his show Dez talked to a wide variety of professionals ranging from local police constables and paramedics to the latest car designers and everyone else in between.

At the 2008 Toronto International Car Show, North American International Motorcycle Supershow 2008 in Toronto and at the North American International Auto Show 2008 in Detroit, Dez had an opportunity to chat with senior engineers of such manufacturers as Daimler-Chrysler, Volvo, BMW, Honda and Harley Davidson to name but a few.

In his interviews Dez focused on topics of major importance to driving in the third millenium: safety, fuel efficiency and improving driving practises on our highway transportation system.

Dez is a strong supporter of policies against drinking and driving, speeding and of highway safety. He frequently sends in his written opinions to The Hamilton Spectator, Toronto Star and other news publications.

I wish to express my appreciation to CFMU 93.3 FM for giving me the opportunity to host my radio show. CFMU is a very diverse and community spirited radio station. I encourage you to sample it for yourself!!

You can listen to CFMU live on 93.3 FM or on the internet at cfmu.msumcmaster.ca

Dez Says

“It is hard enough driving sober. Do not drive drunk.”