Hamilton Spectator – Letters to the Editor

I have been reading, with great amusement, letters to the editors in several of the major newspapers in our area about the CBC’s top 10 Canadians poll.

Most of the complaints are against the CBC for allowing such a “travesty” to take place.

No women in the top 101 And then some of the choices – are you kidding?

Several questions pop up in my mind. Of those who are complaining, I wonder how many of them bothered to take part in the voting? CBC gave ampIe warning and clues to the public about this venture.

Many people, such as myself, did vote for our favourite person. I won’t say for whom I voted.

Secondly, perhaps the clue to the choices picked by the masses reflects a general lack of interest in Canadian history. Many people are totally oblivious to the many great men and women who forged this country.

Don’t believe me? Randomly ask people to name off the last five prime ministers or governors general. You’ll find a stunning lack of knowledge.

Perhaps it is because of our exposure to American television that we do not watch our own. CBC does a great job in enlightening the population about Canadian history. Maybe it is time that on the History Channel we have more and more Canadian themes.

Thus the bottom line is: Do not blame the CBC, but blame ourselves collectively. One could draw similarities between the CBC voting and our national elections. There is a very strong lack of interest in being Canadian by many.

I concede the point that when some of our athletes or entertainers make the scene, the flags do come out. But do the flags come out any other time? Hardly.

So put up with the 10 males. Perhaps a few years down the road, we will pay more attention to our Canadian history.

Then and only then, collectively, maybe we will make better choices.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton