Hamilton Mountain News

Letter to the Editor

 The obsession of Hamilton City Council and interest groups about returning some of the major streets of Hamilton to a two-way system is puzzling.

There are a couple of problems with this scenario. First of all, some politicians practise weather-vane politics by facing the prevailing wind in order to present a nice face. They should turn their back on this type of lobbying.

Furthermore, the lobbyists of the two-way road system are not cognizant of the geographical constraints that the escarpment places upon traffic movement below it.
Imagine two-way traffic in the narrow confines of King Street between Wellington and Mary streets. It is a functional impossibility.

Perhaps the best way to find out if this harebrained idea will work is to try it on a temporary basis. Current example of course is the Sherman Access. It is very simple and efficient. In the morning rush it is one-way down and in the afternoon rush it is one-way up the rest of the times it is two-way traffic.

Now using the same method, what if Main and King Streets were controlled in a similar manner?

It would offer an interesting learning experiment at the fraction of the cost versus going all the way by total two-way conversion.

Dez Miklós
Hamilton Mountain