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As the Insurance Bureau of Canada suggests, drivers should make sure their insurance policies to cover their vehicles for commercial use, as if there is a serious collision the claim will be denied.

This brings up the similarity between Uber and driving schools that offer beginners driver education in Ontario.

There are many “pirate” driving schools that claim to be legitimate. They offer incredibly low rates for teaching. Why? The probability is that they do not have proper vehicle insurance. A legitimate driving school has a “6D” commercial policy attachment to the insurance policy. Licensed taxis have the same type of insurance policy, which costs a lot of money.

We saw that during the Pan-Am games, depending on traffic, the rates varied at Uber.

This is the same situation for the pirate driving school. The consumer pays a low course fee for 10 hours of in-car training. Soon the consumers are informed they are deficient in
certain skills, then the “pirate” offers extra lessons at a higher hourly rate.

Sadly many people are willing to take a chance on apparently lower fees.

If they feel cheated, there is no course for complaint. We will see how this scenario plays out.

Dez Miklós
Hamilton Mountain