RE.: ‘City staff want to sell right to rename Copps Coliseum’ (April 12, 2001) and ‘Vic’s name must remain’ (April 14, 2001)
The Hamilton Spectator, Opinion
Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Yes, Victor Copps’s name must remain on Copps Coliseum.

I knew him when I was a teenager, and I found him to be the embodiment of the spirit of Hamilton. The memory of such a man should not be slighted.

I also agree with The Spectator that our municipal facilities need a major funding base. There is always hope for a corporate sponsor. But may I suggest – somewhat tongue in cheek – that there is another way for the new City of Hamilton to garner large revenues. While it is hard to find a single sponsor for a huge building, it might be much easier to find multiple sponsors for smaller properties.

There is a bit of ego mania in all of us. What if the city, for a fee, sold the right to name any municipal property? For example, could I pay to designate Miklòs York Street, or Desmond’s Catherine Street? How about naming transit buses such as The Spirit of Miklòs?

I’m sure there are many Hamiltonians who would agree with me. Think of the money that the city could rake in. Keep a straight face now.

Dez Miklòs jr., Hamilton