RE.: ‘Save 47,000 trees for Arbour Week’ (April 25, 1997)
The Hamilton Spectator
Monday, May 5, 1997

I read with interest the concerns of Joe Minor as expressed in his article on the Forum page.

I commend his efforts to bring attention to the future desecration of the Red Hill Creek Valley. Yet I wonder at a seemingly grandstand vocalization of a very valid concern. I am curious if anyone has done any studies about the loss of trees that are cut down when “urban expansion” is taking place.

In my dual profession as a spare school bus driver and as a driver trainer, I cover a lot of area. Throughout my travels, I am appalled at the destruction of mature trees when lots are cleared for new houses and/or malls. In total, would not the loss of these trees exceed the hypothetical 47,000 trees of the Red Hill Creek Valley? Something to think about. Yes, we need the filtering action of the trees and shrubs to keep our air clean.

I wish that there would be a federal and provincial law that would require the replacement of the destroyed trees. Besides causing the air to become dirtier, this massive destruction of trees is having an effect on our climate. More violent weather patterns are manifesting themselves. Water runoffs are causing massive soil erosion because there is no vegetation to absorb the moisture.

Be enthusiastic in your view, but have a greater focus when it comes to trees.

Dez Miklòs jr., Hamilton