Hamilton Mountain News

Letter to the Editor

This letter is addressed to those people who do not drive. 

The problem? The abandoned shopping carts that are littering our streets. They are an eyesore that plagues our community. 

My job takes me all over the city where on almost any street I see the phenomenon of abandoned shopping carts. Therefore I must ask the question of you non-drivers: Where did you get this right of entitlement to bring home your groceries from the stores and then abandon the shopping carts? 

Do you feel that these stores owe you something because you believe that they make a lot of money? You are all thieves by misusing the shopping carts! 

With these self-serving acts you make things difficult for those who are able to take their groceries home with their own vehicles. More abandoned shopping carts, the less will be available inside the stores for shoppers to use. 

These shopping carts cost anywhere from $175 to $225. Stores must cover their losses by jacking up their prices. We all lose by your thoughtless acts as we and you will pay higher prices for commodities. 

If you must tote your purchases home in a shopping carts, spend a few bucks at stores that sell carts for domestic use. 

Leave the stores’ shopping carts where they belong, on the properties of these stores. If you still have any of them around your street, return them immediately.

Dez Miklós, Hamilton Mountain